Welcome to the rescue. We take unwanted reptiles that have been abused and neglected but we also have reptiles that just needed a loving home. We have plenty of vivariums set up with all the heating and lighting ready dependent on which species all in various sizes.

Sams Species is dedicated to the welfare of reptiles kept in captivity and has many years experience in this field. The rescue and Sanctuary is run out of love and respect for the animals which may have been abandoned, neglected, found or just needing a new home, some of which arrive in a sorry state.

After a lot of TLC and in some cases rehabilitation we take our animals out to schools, clubs, fetes etc and try to educate children and adults in the welfare needs of these animals as pets.

We have worked with the police, fire service,animal related centres and we are also RSPCA approved. 

None of the animals placed in our care are sold on, nor do we intentionally breed from them and most are given a home for life.



The ever rising cost of food, equipment, fuel and vets bills are difficult to keep up with and as the rescue is entirely self funded, we rely heavily on money given from talks etc and donations are very gratefully recieved.

Also if you have equipment relative to reptile care that you no longer have use for please contact us.




Donations Are Gratefully Received 

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