Welcome to Sams Species Reptile Rescue and Sanctuary .


How it all began....


After a lot of deliberation and research my daughter Sam decided she wanted a snake for Christmas !!! Well the day arrived and i brought home a beautiful hatchling hognose girlie which we named Helga. I still couldn't imagine that i had allowed something i believed to be cold, wet, slimy and slithery into the house, but as usual i thought wrongly and became fascinated and decided to re-home a corn snake for me. The interest grew not only with snakes but in all reptiles, so 16 years ago with my families support i started a reptile rescue and sanctuary which i named after my daughter Sam.

It has now totaled 200+ reptiles, insects and amphibians which we care for within our home. These have come in from all over the country and once in our care some stay for life or re-homed. We do not sell on, nor do we intentionally breed from them. After a lengthy process of health checks, rehabilitation and only when the animals are ready, we use them for educational talks and displays particularly with special needs children and adults.

We are not charity registered and are non-funded. We rely purely on money given from talks etc or public donations to fund the rescue.





All donations are greatly recieved




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